Spin Denton

Spin Denton is located inside Denton Fitness Center (DFC). DFC is a boutique health and fitness club that provides group exercise classes (included in your membership), personal trainers, free weights, fitness machines, a TRX system and spa-like locker rooms.

Class details:
Mon and Wed
5:45 to 6:45 p.m.
723 South I-35 Denton, TX 76205

Class Description

Spin Denton is an indoor group exercise class done on sturdy, stationary bikes. The class is straight-forward and simulates an outdoor ride on flat roads and hills with simple transitions, and no competition – ride at your own pace!

We use curated music playlists that help you ride to the beat and have fun! A fantastic cardiovascular – and fat burning – option. Studies show that over time, indoor cycling can decrease body fat and body mass index, and improve overall cardiovascular function.

Meet Your Instructor


Olivia Rogers

Spinning® Certified Instructor

Hello, riders! I’m Olivia Rogers, a Denton-proud resident, UNT graduate, DFC member and indoor cycling instructor. I’m Spinning® certified and try hard to create engaging classes that are fun and challenging, and deliver worth-your-time results.

If you’re new to indoor cycling:
• Come to class 10-minutes early so I can setup your bike to your specifications
• Always bring water and a towel (we provide towels at the front desk)
• Regular fitness shoes work great; no need for special cycling shoes
• Wear light, tighter-fitting clothing (no baggy pants)
• If you have a heart-rate monitor, wear it so you can track your progress
• You do you! Ride at your pace where you feel comfortable based on the activity we’re doing

A few recommendations to get you started on indoor cycling:
• Use the resistance knob to increase and decrease the tension
• Changing the tension will make you feel like you’re slowly climbing a hill or riding faster on a flat road.
• Set the tension that is most comfortable for you based on the activity
• Keep weight centered over your pedals, especially when standing
• Also, when standing, if you’re rocking back/forth too much, increase the tension
• Keep a light touch on the handlebars; make your legs do the work!
• Pedal to the beat of the music
• Increase your pace and tension when you can, relax and recover when you need to